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Wow. What a hiatus!

Hey everyone!

It’s been quite some time since I posted and I wanted to give you all an update as to why I’ve been gone for so long. You see, my husband and I have been trying to buy a house since right after my last post. We should be in the house the first week of December and as soon as we can get everything moved in, unpacked, and setup I’ll get a new post up.

Please check back soon!

Happy gaming!

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Legend of Dragoon Disc 1 Part 1

Hey everyone. Sorry for the extended delay! I started a new job so I’ve been getting accustomed to it.

As promised, here is part one of Disc One. I have two versions of the video. One with commentary and one without, so if you don’t like commentary, you don’t have to watch it.


Without Commentary:

With Commentary:

Happy gaming!

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Special Game of the Week: Legend of Dragoon

Hey everyone!

This week I’m doing a special Game of the Week because it will span over four different weeks. I am focusing on my all-time favorite video game Legend of Dragoon. It is a four disc game, so I’m focusing on one disc per week until I finish discussing and playing through the game again.

I’m in the process of getting the first set of videos ready featuring disc one, or as it’s titled: “Chapter One – The Serdian War.” The videos are not an entire play through, but will show major storyline scenes and fights with new enemies along the way.

If you have not played this game, and don’t want anything spoiled, please go find the game on PlayStation Network and play through it before watching my videos. The game is under $10 to download on PSP or PlayStation 3.

Legend of Dragoon was released in 1999 in Japan and mid-2000 in North America. You start the game with Dart. He is in red armor, has blonde spikey hair, and baby blue eyes. After being rescued from a dragon by a mysterious warrior, he returns to his village hastily upon hearing that it has been decimated. He is informed by the survivors that his childhood friend, Shana, has been taken away to Helena prison. He immediately heads to Helena to rescue her.

While in Helena, Dart meets a knight of Basil, Lavitz, and they team up to find and rescue Shana together. As the game progresses, you start to build your party and you eventually find out that you are one of the chosen Dragoons. The Dragoons are warriors who are “meant to rule dragons.” Your characters develop special abilities, which are bestowed upon them by the Dragon Spirits that come into their possession. And they travel together to save Endiness.

Please check back to see the videos! Thanks for following my blog and as always comments are welcome!

Happy gaming!
~ Amber

I’m on Twitter! @TheG4merChick

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Upcoming Game of the Week

Hello everyone!

I have something special planned for the game of the week. I will be showcasing my favorite video game of ALL TIME. It is a four disc game, so for the next 4 weeks, I will post about each disc in order as I replay the game!

Check back on Saturday for the post on Disc 1!

Happy gaming!

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Game of the Week: Dota 2

Hello everybody! Sorry for the late post. This video took forever to render and upload to Youtube.

The game of the week is Dota 2.


It was developed by Valve and is available for Windows, Linux, and OS X through Steam. Dota 2 is created in the image of its predecessor DotA, or Defense of the Ancients, which was introduced in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Two teams of five “heroes” face against each other. Everyone starts at level 1 and has to try to out-level their opponents. The map consists of three lanes; top, middle, and bottom. The Dire is on the top-right corner of the map and The Radiant is on the bottom-left corner of the map. The plan is to take out the towers of the enemy so that you can get to their ancient and destroy it. The towers must be completely destroyed throughout the lane leading up to the ancient. Essentially, you cannot run around a tower and start attacking the ancient directly. Besides the towers would probably kill your hero before you could get to the ancient anyway.

The heroes’ abilities and skill is based mostly upon either strength, agility, or intelligence. Basically their skills are either power-based, speed-based, or magic-based.

The teams fodder units are called creeps. The creeps travel the specified path, but a hero can “pull the creeps” into the forest if a neutral is brought out of the forest and into the lane. When the neutral retreats, the creeps will follow them to attack them. Neutrals can be used for further grinding since you can usually go fight them alone. I usually use them to help accumulate gold whenever I’m close to purchasing an item I need.

In a small area beside the river is where Roshan resides. Roshan is a boss that is really difficult to defeat. It usually takes a team effort to defeat him. Once defeated, he drops an item, the Aegis of the Immortal, that allows the hero that picks it up to instantly respawn if they are killed.

I explain more about the gameplay in my video. I will go ahead an apologize for the game audio missing. For some reason Fraps turned down the game audio and mainly pulled my vocals instead. When the game gets loud, you can hear the game audio, but it mostly sounds silent.

Enjoy! As always comments are welcome!

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Game of the Week: Super Smash Bros. Brawl


This week’s game is Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii. The video for this game is of the All-Star Mode play through.

Super Smash Bros. was originally introduced in the United States on April 26, 1999. It was released for the Nintendo 64 console. It was followed by Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Nintendo GameCube, then Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo plans to release two new versions of Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U in 2014.

Super Smash Bros. allows up to four players to play in a single battle. In Brawl, you can use four different controllers; Wii Remote, Wii Remote and Nun chuck, Wii Classic Controller, and the GameCube Controller. The brawlers play on a stage based out of one of the character’s games. Most stages have hazards that can damage or knock out the player.

There are several different game types, but from my experience it looks like the Brawl mode is the most popular. I think the best time to play this game is when you have a large group of friends over because the tournament can keep you all entertained for hours. You can have up to 32 players in a tournament. The tournament can be setup where the top two players stay in and the lower two rotate to the next players in line. The more you play the game, the more likely you are to unlock new characters.

During the game, items drop that give back health or assist players in damaging others. There are some items that are one-hit-kills like the Homerun Bat (when charged), the Golden Hammer, and the Dragoon (when all three parts are put together.)

But enough details about the game. Here is the video!

You can also follow me on twitter @TheG4merChick.

Happy gaming!

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I am in the process of editing and rendering part 3 of my Halo 4 Play Through Highlights. Sorry it’s taking so long to get all of those posted. Thank you for your patience.

Happy gaming!

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Game of the Week: Super Mario Bros. Wii

It’s that time again! The Game of the Week is Super Mario Bros. Wii. This game puts a fun new spin on the classic Super Mario Bros. I have a special treat for you all. My husband and I played through the entire first world and recorded the gameplay. It was a lot of fun and there was much laughter because I’m apparently very bad at jumping in Mario games. Before I show the footage, I want to give a little information.

Before Super Mario Bros., there was Mario Bros. In 1983, Mario Bros. was developed and released by Nintendo as an Arcade game. You played as Mario and his brother Luigi. The original synopsis was that Mario and Luigi were plumbers in New York City. They traveled into the sewers to fight the creatures that were coming from there.


There were only three enemies: the Shellcreeper, the Sidestepper, and the Fighter Fly.

This enemy looked like a turtle and simply walked back and forth across the screen. It only took one flip, then you could knock them off the screen.
 This is what a Shellcreeper looked like:


This enemy looked like a crab and walked back and forth, but it took two hits to flip them before you could knock them off the screen
 Here is what the Sidestepper looked like: (Note: They also came in blue)


Fighter Fly:
This enemy moved by jumping. It looked like an oversized fly and could only be flipped when it touched the platform.
This is the Fighter Fly:


In each phase, the enemies became faster and faster. When you finally reached the end, the main enemy would be at maximum speed. Different elements would also be introduced as the player progressed like fireballs, ice on the platform, and the POW box would reappear.

Mario Bros. led to Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985. The game changed scenery since you were no longer running through the sewers of New York. You were in the Mushroom Kingdom. The player was Mario and the second player could be Luigi. You fought against Bowser’s minions while trying to rescue Princess Toadstool, who became known as Princess Peach in later games. In the end of the game, you faced Bowser himself.

Throughout the years, the Mario Bros. franchise has seen many changes, upgrades, and variations, but it continues to be very well known and produces highly popular videogames.

Now without further adieu! Here are the videos for World 1 parts 1 and 2. Enjoy! (A word of caution. The audio was iffy in part 1. It’s cleaned up in part 2.)

As a side-note; I still have more Halo 4 play through videos on the way as well as the rest of the Super Mario Bros. Wii World 1 play through.

If there is a game you would like for me to post about please let me know in a comment.

Happy gaming!

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Just Checking In

Hello everybody!

I’m just checking in because I’m excited about Part 3 of my Halo 4 play through videos. I’ve learned some new rendering techniques, so the videos should be higher quality.

I should have it posted soon.

Happy gaming!

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Halo 4 Play Through Highlights Part 2

Hello gamers!

Here is Part 2 of my Halo 4 play through highlights. Enjoy! Comments are welcome. ^_^

Happy gaming!

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Halo 4 Play Through Highlights Part 1

Hello gamers!

As promised, here is Part 1 of my Halo 4 play through highlights. Enjoy! Comments are welcome.

Happy gaming!

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Game of the Week: Halo 4

Alright, so the Game of the Week is Halo 4!


I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical when Bungie was no longer making Halo games and 343 Industries took over, but I have to say 343 did a fabulous job on this game! The one thing that took some time getting used to was the controls. I personally loved the controls in Halo Reach and the controls in Halo 4 were quite different. But enough about that; let’s jump into “Requiem.”

Halo 4 has several different game modes that you can play:

Campaign – This is the story mode for the game. You play as Master Chief with his trusted companion, Cortana. Master Chief has been awakened to find that his ship, Forward Unto Dawn, is caught in the gravity field of the Forerunner planet, Requiem. The ship crash lands on the planet and the adventure begins from there. My husband and I played through the co-op campaign the day after Halo 4 was released. It took us just over 8 hours to complete it together.

Spartan Ops – This game mode takes place six months after the Halo 4 campaign. You play as a member of the Crimson Squad, which is made up of Spartan IV’s. The Crimson Squad is deployed on several missions to assist the investigation of Requiem and to ensure the safety of the scientists studying the planet. 343 Industries pushes out episodes where there will be five different missions to complete.

War Games – This is the multi-player matchmaking mode. You have your own Spartan IV that can be customized as you climb through the ranks. War Games is my favorite game mode! I like the competitive aspect. And the daily, weekly, and monthly challenges also help to ensure that you always have a goal. There are several different game types available which ensures that you will find something you like. My favorite game type is Swat. You have no radar, no armor ability, and you are killed instantly by a headshot.

Custom Games – This type allows you to quickly put together a match with your Xbox Live friends or other local players. You use preexisting maps and game types, but have the ability to tweak the gameplay rules.

Forge – This mode allows you to create custom games and maps based off of the preexisting multi-player maps. You can upload your maps and game types to your File Share in order to share them with other gamers through the Halo Waypoint.

Halo 4 is a fantastic game with a great storyline and the online aspect allows you to keep playing and playing!

There is a global tournament taking place from July 5th – September 1st. For more information on the Halo 4 Global Championship click HERE.

Click the Gameplay Screenshots button, to the right, to view some screenshots showcasing the various weapons. I’m putting together a gameplay medley that I will post to my Youtube channel. Keep checking back for the post letting you know when the video’s available and where to go.

Happy gaming!


Schedule Change!

Because of my job, I have been having issues getting my posts posted on Fridays until pretty late at night, so I am changing my Game of the Week post to be on Saturday afternoons. This gives me a little more time to make sure that my post is the highest quality possible.

Please check back Saturday, July 6th for the Game of the Week.

Happy gaming!

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